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With help from Cumbria County Council we have established a Centre for Independent Living in Carlisle. Located on St. Nicholas Street, Botchergate in the centre of Carlisle and has particularly good parking at the rear of the building.

There are a wide range of activities and services available at the CIL, including the Disability Aids Recycling Project, computer training, and job preparation training and support. We also supply disability aids on prescription or for sale. 

Services include DaCE Support Services, including all aspects of  Independent Living Advice.

Becky Murray co-ordinates the development of new services and activities at the CIL. Recent activities include an Open Day promoting a wide range of local services and attended by many local people.  

John Atkinson is our receptionist at the CIL.

For more information about CIL activities and services contact:

Phil Walters (Operations Manager)                                     01228 594806   for Disability Aids

Becky Murray (Development Officer)                                  01228 594806   for Disability Aids and general CIL development    

Cumbria Centre for Independent Living,                                                                                            3, St Nicholas Street,                                                                                 Carlisle  CA1 2EF    

Tel: 01228 594806